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Dorset, April 11 by Laura Hodges on Flickr.


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James Fitzgerald III


The yurt compound of William Coperthwaite on the Blue Hill Peninsula of Maine

No one alive has done more to promote yurts than Bill Coperthwaite. Coming across the style in a 1962 National Geographic article, he recognized in the yurt a construction method so simple and durable, that almost anyone, regardless of skill or budget, could build their own home. He’s spent the last 4 decades living off-grid, lecturing, selling plans, and leading hundreds of yurt building workshops around the globe.

Read more on Bill’s life and philosophy in his book: A Handmade Life.

Photographs by the exceptional A. William Frederick.

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| ♕ |  A quiet residence in Rome  | by © Carin Olsson | via ysvoice

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